Finally, A Diapering Experience That Supports Baby From Mind To Behind.

Get to know (and trust) what you're putting on your baby.

We’ve created materials to protect them and images that reflect them-fostering environmental and cultural consciousness from the earliest stages of your baby’s development.


Start ‘em off young, instilling pride and confidence in their heritage. These powerfully sweet, plant-based diapers, show images of a baby raising its fist, a Pan-African flag, black power fists, and stars topped with red fists, while the words, “Be the Power” amplify the graphics on this orange-colored diaper.

Bubbles & Halos 

The sweet nature of your baby is reflected in these aqua-colored diapers. Images of cute babies, white bubbles, turquoise colored halo designs and the words: “Our Little Tinkypoo,” illuminate these plant-based, super absorbent diapers. 


They’re clean, they’re conscious, they’re cultural and most of all comfortable for your baby. These plant-based diapers with our Motherland-inspired print, are colorful and bold, and represent who we are by showcasing our name, “TinkyPoo,” in tribal or kente-styled lettering, along with distinctive Afrocentric shapes, patterns and accents.

Space Traveler

Let your little one take off in our plant-based and super absorbent diapers. They’re designed with images of adorable babies dressed in space suits, floating amongst stars, rockets, and spaceships, all on a royal purple background. The sky’s no longer the limit, space is the place for your tinkypoo.

With sizes ranging from 1-4 (newborn to large), TinkyPoo keeps your baby covered and dry for a good night’s rest for the entire family.

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Up to 12 Hours of Protection

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Extra Slim, Maximum Comfort

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Natural Eco-Friendly Materials

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