TinkyPoo is a new vision where seeing yourself makes all the difference.

Timmy & Penny

Meet Timmy and Penny, twin siblings! They are very imaginative babies who love to create their own world within the nursery that they attend weekly.

Timmy is kind, loves all things that deal with space and is a mama’s boy! Penny bright, creative, adventurous and is a daddy’s girl!

Timmy and Penny alongside their TinkyPoo crew go on daily adventures in Imagination World filled with some danger and teachable moments, but at the end of their action packed day they solve problems and grow closer!

To follow along their journey follow us on IG @MyTinkyPoo and FB @TinkyPoo.

Navigating the world as a baby is fueled by imagination and possibility, and as a parent, you want to make sure everywhere your child looks and moves is safe, protective and sustaining.

TinkyPoo is a love letter in action, to all babies, and we keep your baby covered in the most supportive of ways. Our diapers are made with plant-based materials that are organic and super-absorbent, ensuring they are healthy and effective.

This thoughtful engineering is enhanced by the bold and vivid images of babies of color printed on the diapers themselves.

"Make beautiful things in a beautiful way with beautiful people"

Nadiyah Spencer, founder of TinkyPoo, is a mother, wife and production expert with more than 20 years of experience working in apparel manufacturing for iconic brands and is well-versed in producing high-quality and highly covetable products at affordable prices.Her motto is: “to make beautiful things in a beautiful way with beautiful people.” 

After discovering that the diaper industry was lacking in visibility, when it came to images that depicted babies of color, Nadiyah and her partners decided to change the industry, and TinkyPoo was born.