5 Tips That Will Make You a Better Shopper


Shopping: I love it, hate it and everything in between! Some days you can find exactly what you want and at a price that makes you feel guilty – so guilty, you almost feel as if you’re stealing it…(you didn’t steal it did you?! lol) . On other days, even if you robbed a bank you’d still struggle to find that perfect outfit! So as someone who’s been round the shopping block more than a few times – here’s a few of my fave tips you can put to good use when you’re out in the shopping jungle.

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1. Buy what you love and love what you buy. While it’s important to have staples like black pumps, black pants or a dressy jacket in your wardobe – many wardrobes can survive without them – it all depends on your overall style. So if you’re not “feeling” those black pants or flat sandals – then go for something that makes you feel more vibrant, more confident – more you. So the single thing you need to remember is – do I love this. Like, really love this!? If you don’t then it’s simple – don’t buy it. If you do – then go for it! All love is precious – especially when shopping!

2. Match what you already have. Some people say you should only buy something that matches three things in your wardrobe – but if it matches just one – then that’s good enough. Remember tip number one – if you already love it – then you should be on your way to the cashier – but to seal the deal – picture it with other items in your wardrobe. Remember you’re trying to create an overall style for yourself – so whilst you may love it – you’ve got to keep it within at least touching distance of the rest of your wardrobe.

3. Don’t wait to go shopping until you have to. Picture it: You’ve got a hot date – and you’re running around frantically looking for a new top and new jeans. No matter what you do no jeans will fit – they all make you look frumpy. You can hear the clock ticking. Time’s running out. You’re desperation turns to blind panic and you buy a pair of jeans that a farm hand would love. The top is two sizes too small which you only realize when you’re back home. You place both the items in your “Christmas presents for friends I don’t like” and wear a tried and trusted outfit that still wows your date. So the lesson here is shop when you’ve time to shop. And use the first two tips to get yourself on the right path.

4. Try it on. I know this is obvious but it’s so, so true. And it’s why you need to follow tip number 3 – because most of the time we don’t try things on is when we’re in a blind panic and have no time. Then you get home and scream blue murder when it doesn’t fit – or just as bad – when it doesn’t make us look as pretty as we thought it would. So once again and repeat after me. Try. It. On!

5. Know what to indulge in. What I mean is – know what items to lavish your money on and know what items to skimp on. Every balanced wardrobe needs a mix of designer items and budget items – so spend money where it shows. So indulge in your luxe leather handbags, gorgeous designer shoes, and sparkly, jaw-dropping jackets. On the other hand – T-shirts, tank tops, leggings etc can be scored at budget stores that will keep your wallet rested for more important battles!

So they’re my tips – what about you? Hit me up in the comments for your survival tips for becoming an expert shopper!